From the suit to the lounge

Mo Adass, the founder and master tailor, has been involved in creating sharp, bespoke menswear for over 20 years. Time spent at a range of major luxury designers such as Tom Ford enabled him to understand what it takes to craft the perfect suit.

With Signature Bespoke, Mo crafted suits to fit the body like a glove. It’s with this that the Threads by SB range is designed to fit. This level of attention to detail and semi-bespoke approach to design, mean that every item of clothing from the Threads by SB range is designed to fit perfectly, no matter what your size is.

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Only the finest materials

Every material that’s used to craft an item of clothing in the Threads by SB range has been sourced with the maximum of scrutiny. The quality of the fabrics, metals and leathers is second-to-none.

The main ingredient, Egyptian cotton, is the most comfortable fabric one can find. Further to that, its flexibility, durability and the fact that it’s windproof made it the perfect choice.

Our accessories, created from scratch, are dipped in 22-karat gold, creating that extra sense of luxury our customers are looking for.  We also source original leather that won’t fade or break no matter how often you wear it. This is what sets Threads by SB apart from the rest.

Eyes on the process, from start to finish

Designed in the UK, the Threads by SB range ensures that it reflects staple British culture in every detail. Mo’s overseeing of the entire design and tailoring process and his collaboration with everybody involved in the production of the clothing, ensures that every single product is perfect, unique and exceeds the expectation of any customer.

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